The Tentative Physician Services Agreement Making Sense of the Chaos

Many of us have been deluged by a flood of OMA messages regarding the surprise-release of a 4-year tentative Physician Services Agreement (tPSA). Here is what has unfolded in the past few weeks:

  1. OMA released and heavily promoted the tPSA on July 11th.
  2. OMA pushed doctors to vote "yes" on a non-binding referendum only 2 weeks later.
  3. OMA scheduled a Council meeting on August 6th to make the final deal decision.
  4. Most Ontario physicians were unaware that negotiations were even taking place.
  5. Most felt angry, even betrayed by the lack of binding arbitration, fee increases that fell short of expectations, caps, co-rationing of healthcare, & the lack of details.
  6. Most doctors felt this deal was bad for doctors and patients alike.
  7. The Coalition of Ontario Doctors was formed (
  8. The Coalition went to court and got access to the OMA email database.
  9. A Coalition petition signed by over 3,000 doctors was submitted to the OMA.
  10. OMA bylaws made it accept the petition and set a members' meeting Aug 14th.
  11. Doctors now have the right to vote on the deal and have each vote count.
  12. Doctors who cannot attend the meeting can vote by binding proxy.
  13. The Proxy war commenced.
  14. OMA blanketed doctors with emails and even robocalls to get "yes" proxies.
  15. OMA proxies pushed "yes" and made it difficult to vote "no"
  16. The Coalition took this to court.
  17. Ontario Superior Court ruled OMA proxies biased and that they be thrown out.
  18. Unbiased proxies plus 2 additional questions were added by the Coalition regarding binding arbitration and increased negotiations transparency to OMA Section leaders.
  19. OMA refuses to allow ex/non-members to join and cast a vote after July 27th.

This battle isn't over yet. Be informed and make your vote count.

DoctorsOntario is a proud member of the Coalition of Ontario Doctors. Support us and your own Coalition groups. To vote and ensure your vote is counted, visit or call: 1-888-518-6805.

Douglas Mark MD, Interim President
and the Board of DoctorsOntario