About Us

Our Vision

An open healthcare environment and system that allows physicians and their patients the freedom and independence to explore and participate in a broad range of medical care accessibility options that foster an uncompromising high standard of sustainable healthcare care in Ontario.

Our Mission

DoctorsOntario protects the rights, freedoms and independence of medical doctors and their patients by promoting sustainable healthcare policies and practices that safeguard accessibility and the highest standards of medical care.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To advocate for the rights of physicians in Ontario to practice medicine in a manner that
    • Promotes comprehensive accessibility to medical services;
    • Advances a high standard of sustainable care and treatment;
    • Safeguards the doctor-patient relationship.
  2. To ensure that all physicians in Ontario are fairly compensated for their services.
  3. To provide the public with information and the means to influence change related to the standard of healthcare services in Ontario, healthcare accessibility for patients, and the accountability of government and agencies responsible for healthcare.